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Wow, you can save a whole $13!

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Brand new Festool jigsaw on Amazon, free shipping, 30 day No-Questions Returns, 3-year warranty.  Total price: $250

Used Festool jigsaw on eBay.  Total price: 237.07

Total savings from buying a used machine with no warranty: $12.93

This is so typical of eBay, used Festool sells for almost or even more than full retail.  I just don’t get it …

An awesome deal turns out to be merely pretty good

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Titanium TIG welding electrodes need to be ground to a point to work properly.  However, grinding will always leave small bits of material in the stone and using these wheels for the titanium will contaminate the electrode and affect the quality of your weld.  So you really need to dedicate a special wheel just for titanium.  In my case, I didn’t want to do wheel swaps, so I was looking out for an inexpensive grinder that I could keep a titanium-only wheel on.

I tried a couple cheap grinders, but they were just so cheap/junky I couldn’t stand it.  So I started keeping an eye out for a used, higher-quality grinder.  Last weekend at a yard sale, I came across a Northern Tools 8″ 3/4HP grinder with a nice cast-iron stand.  Both items were still brand-new in sealed boxes.  The grinder normally costs $80 and the stand $70, so getting both for only $10 was a major delight.

However, after assembling and trying out the grinder and stand, it’s a mixed bag.  The stand is quite nice, very sturdy and well-made.  It would definitely be worth the normal $70 it costs.  The grinder, however, ranks right up there as one of the worst tools I’ve ever used.  You can see my review for more details.

People on craigslist kill me …

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Some listings on craigslist this morning.  A guy wants $150 for a Harbor Freight sandblasting cabinet that I can get brand-new for $168.  A woman wants $200 for a 15-year-old 1.5HP Taiwanese motor, worth maybe $75 at most.  Another guy has a 1980′s Craftsman radial arm saw for $900 (he’d be lucky to get $100).  All these are listed as “firm” or “not negotiable”.

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