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A question on piping

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Patrick wites:

On the SDR35 pipe you used, I was not clear if you used the solvent weld fittings or the ones with gaskets.  It looks like you used solvent weld fittings, but is the solvent weld tight enough to avoid vacuum leaks?

Yes, those are unglued solvent-weld fittings. As far as I can tell, the joints seal up completely just from the friction-fit. If not, the leak is so small that it wouldn’t affect anything.

There, that’s better

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One bad thing about working on the shop expansion is how dingy and dark it was in that end of the shop.  However, seven 4x32W T8 fixtures later, it’s nice and bright like the rest of the shop!

The right-hand corner where there’s a light “missing” is the eventual location of the spray booth I’m going to build, which will have it’s own separate light system.


Ready for lights

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I finished up the ceiling this morning.

The hardest, most time-consuming part was cutting and fitting these last 1-foot pieces.

Next step is to install the lights.  I’m just going to continue the strips of 32-watt T-8 fixtures.  However, the total wattage of the lights means I’d have to upgrade the wires leading to the strips, increasing from a 14-2 all the way up to a 10-2.  Rather than doing that, I’m going to split the lights into two sets of two strips each, with a separate breaker for each set, and put two switches by the door.  That drops the amp load of each set low enough to use 14-2 wire.  Plus it means I can have a circuit breaker pop and not lose all my lights.


Walls done, ceiling almost …

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Finally finished painting the walls of the expansion and almost done with the ceiling.  As with the other section, I’m using ¾” foam insulation attached to the roof trusses with nailed strips of ½” plywood.  The two long 1x2s you see crossways are holders that I screwed to the already finished area to hold the next sheet of styrofoam going in.


False economy

When I went to pick up the paint for the new shop walls, I was seduced by the low price of this paint at Lowes:

It was only $25 for five gallons, vs $68 for five gallons of Kilz, which is what I had used before.

However, this proved to be a false savings.  This stuff is terrible unless the surface you’re painting is already white.  Look at this section of the wall:

This section already has three coats of the cheap stuff on it, while the sections on each side were previously painted with a single coat of Kilz.

A definite case of you get what you pay for.  I went back to Lowes last night and picked up a couple gallons of Kilz to finish up.

Ready to paint

Filed under: Shop Construction

The north and south walls are now covered with OSB.  I just reused the stuff I pulled off the old wall.  I had to get a little creative on the north wall, patching together smaller pieces.  It might look a little funny if you look closely, but hey, it’s a workshop, right?

Chaos reigns

Filed under: Shop Construction

My poor neat shop had descended into total chaos!  New machinery arriving, new space being created, planning a spray booth, about the only thing not going on in here is woodworking!

Almost gone

Filed under: Shop Construction

The majority of the wall is now gone.  Holy cow, the shop suddenly looks huge!  It is an almost 50% increase in floor space, so I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

A bit more progress

Filed under: Shop Construction

Dealing with the power and air lines at the top of the wall turned out to be far easier than I feared. I just transferred some of the hooks from the wall to the ceiling for temporary supports, I’ll make that neater later.  I’m thinking of leaving the last section of the wall as part of an eventual spray booth.  I sure wish I’d thought of that before tearing out the OSB down there …

I’m also planning to leave the wall from the door edge to the exterior wall. That’ll give me a bit of wall space to hang stuff, maybe some shelves.


More wall removal

Filed under: Shop Construction

Shelf removed, more OSB pulled off. I’m worried about handling those upper layers of OSB when they pop loose, maybe I can come up with a way to attach a rope pulley and lower them slowly. It’s also going to be a pain to re-route those air and power lines. This is turning out to be much harder than I had thought.

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