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Ignorant advice

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Two different people have sent me emails in the last few days, saying I should do a particular thing to improve the site’s traffic. Complaining about it, in fact.

Let’s see: I used to do what you suggested. Then I stopped entirely. Traffic has doubled. Why on earth would I go back to doing what you suggest?

If you don’t like the way the site is managed, you’re welcome to go elsewhere.

Up another 10%

Filed under: Site news

September was the busiest month ever here at TheWoodNerd. And then came October. Visitors to the site increased another 10% to well over 11,500.

The first three months of the year was a real disaster because of our abortive attempt to use a new domain name. We almost had as many visitors in October as we had in January-March combined. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal of 100,000 visitors for the year. Crazy as it seems, we have an outside chance to still do that even with severely depressed traffic for almost the entire first quarter.

Once again, thank you!

The records continue to fall

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Wow, we continue to get record numbers of visitors. Just last year, 6000 visitors in a month was a real shocker. But in the last few months, 8-9000 has become the norm. Then came September, which was 20% over August and over 100% better than last fall’s numbers. Over 10,500 people visited the site in September and viewed over 16,000 pages, making it the busiest month (by far) we’ve ever had. And in the first half of Oct we’re on the same pace!

Whole ‘lotta traffic goin’ on

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Wow, traffic to the site has really been heavy the last couple weeks. For the longest time, we had a steady average of around 275 visitors per day. Lately, it’s been well over 300 with spikes up near 600!

And we just surpassed 2011′s visitor count in less than nine months. And that’s including the fiasco with the domain name during the first quarter. Since straightening out that mess, we’ve consistently been clocking around 9000 visitors per month, which would have pushed us well over 100,000 for the year. Considering that there was a big surge in traffic last fall (Christmas buying season?) we may come darn close anyway.

The economy has hit my family very hard this year, so I’ve been forced to pay very little attention to the site. I’m very grateful that my previous efforts continue to draw attention. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web …

Best month ever

Filed under: Site news

April was our first full month back under our old TheWoodNerd.com domain and we posted some crazy-good numbers. Well over 8,000 visitors, a full 20% better than our previous best which was when our review of the Festool RO 90 was linked from SysNotes. So, in my mind, this is much better because there was no special event driving traffic. There wasn’t even much in the way of new content. Pretty cool …

A Tale of Two Domains

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OK, some more results from swapping the domain name back to thewoodnerd.com. In the first half of March, we averaged only 89 visitors per day. After swapping back to the old domain, in the second half of March we averaged 275 visitors per day.

The only thing I can figure is that Google knocked down workshopaholic.net because it was a “new” domain. Or some other bizarre reason.

I think this little adventure is an excellent example of the limitation of Google’s infamous search prowess. Despite clearly setting up redirects letting Google know that thewoodnerd was now workshopaholic, they totally blew it.

88 mph

Filed under: Site news

Well, it appears that changing the domain name back to TheWoodNerd.com has done the trick.  Almost immediately traffic tripled back to the levels we were seeing before the domain change and has stayed there.

Back To The Future

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Back in December, I changed the site’s domain name to better reflect my changing emphasis.  In accordance with accepted practice, I set up a 301 redirect for all files from the old domain to the new one, which is supposed to keep search engines from seeing you as having “disappeared”.

Well, it didn’t work.  Soon after, traffic plummeted by 70%.  I thought that maybe it was a temporary thing, that the search engines would “catch up” eventually.  Apparently, they’re not that smart.

So, despite less emphasis on woodworking, I’ve changed the domain name of the site back to TheWoodNerd.com

Final 2011 Numbers

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First of all, Happy New Year!

Final numbers for 2011: 63,272 visitors viewed 128,439 pages.  That’s a 160% increase in visitors and 155% increase in page views over 2010!  Thank you for visiting and noticing my little corner of the web.

Goal for 2012?  How about let’s shoot for 100,000 visitors and 200,000 page views?

WordPress wastes two hours of my life

Filed under: Site news

Well, that’s the last time I try the “automated” upgrade of WordPress.  It totally botched the process, making the admin/author tools completely useless.  Two hours later, I’ve managed to undo the damage.

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