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HUGE news

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The Big Johnson is back! Well, not the Big Johnson itself, but it’s the exact same product under a different name. Actually, I think, the original name: the Fisco Big T.

If you don’t recall, the Big Johnson was the best measuring tape ever. I love it and I was heartbroken when it was no longer available, probably six years ago. Fisco was selling it through Sears/KMart for a little while, but it was still hard to get. Ordering it direct from the UK really wasn’t an option.

But now it appears multiple people are selling the Big T on Amazon. It appears to be identical to the Big Johnson measuring tape I dearly love and available in multiple widths/lengths as well as standard/metric/mixed markings.

On a side note, be very careful when purchasing items on Amazon from 3rd-party sellers. Amazon is being flooded with counterfeit Chinese products with horrible quality. Always check out the “Sold by” to see the seller’s rating. Look for a seller with at least 90% positive feedback and at least a couple dozen feedbacks spread over at least several months. You should never purchase anything on Amazon from a seller that is “Just Launched” or has very recent feedback. You can’t believe the “Ships from”, they’ll say they’re shipping from the US but they’re lying. You’ll most likely receive a horrible quality product that doesn’t even look like what you ordered or never get your order at all. The scam is that they try to make excuses and drag you past the 30-day limit for returns. Yes, you can probably get your money back from Amazon but you’ve wasted a lot of time and hassle.

Click here to see the original review

Click here to see the full list of Fisco Big T Tape Measure models on Amazon

Another Grizzly Failure

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As I’ve noted before, I’ve added Grizzly to my world-famous Never, Ever Buy Anything From These Companies Again list. This time, it’s the mini pallet jack I purchased a few years ago. This thing has literally seen maybe 200′ of loaded use and spent the vast majority of it’s time sitting in the corner of my climate-controlled workshop.

This morning I spotted this strange stuff around the wheels. What is it? That’s right, the “polyurethane” tires have completely decayed and fallen off the steel wheels.

I’ve learned the hard way that Grizzly stuff is inexpensive because it’s cheap.

Now Grizzly’s getting weird

Filed under: Funny,Vendors

I know Grizzly sells things other than tools, but at least they’re usually somewhat related to home maintenance, commercial items, etc. But this?

Ugliness from Tormach

As I said a couple of days ago, I had come across the Tormach Tooling System and it really seemed nice.  And they had a very nice package deal called the Manual Operator’s Set.  So I placed an order.

I got a shipment notice and invoice today and noticed that the included parts were very different from what I had seen.  Checking back, I found that Tormach had completely changed their web page for the MOS.  I emailed Tormach for an explanation, since what the MOS included now was not what I wanted.  Apparently they screwed up their web page and listed part of the CNC operator set instead.  But instead of a simple explanation and maybe an offer of a compromise, I got a very nasty reply accusing me of trying to defraud them.  Their reasoning:  I had asked them for a shipping quote on a mill years ago, so I must be complete familiar with their entire product line and knew it was a mistake.

I was completely blown away at their response.

Needless to say, I’m no longer interested in dealing with Tormach.  Their products may be good, but their attitude and customer service suck.

Finally got my money back from Grizzly

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After quite a wait and an email asking what’s going on, I finally got my refund for the G0602 lathe from Grizzly.  That was delivered to them back in late August.  Seriously, it takes 2-1/2 weeks to process a return?

This seems to confirm a disturbing trend from Grizzly lately that it requires a complaint, often in a public forum, to get any action out of them.

I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on Grizzly equipment and many thousands of words praising/defending them.  I don’t know what’s happened to them, but they’re no longer one of my preferred vendors.

Yes, it shipped

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Just got a call from FedEx Freight, they have the mill in the terminal and will deliver it tomorrow!

Shipped? Maybe, maybe not …

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The status on the mill order has changed to “in shipping – FL” but still has no tracking info. Not sure what that means.

Still not shipped

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Really getting irked, the mill is still sitting “in shipping” with no tracking info. An email from WTT claims it should ship today.

The beast is in holding

Filed under: Vendors

I’m getting a little frustrated with WT Tools. Their website claims “All orders received by 2:00PM (EST) are expected to be processed and shipped the same day”. I placed mine at around 11am last Friday, but it’s still sitting in a status of “in shipping” three days later. I called them up, the lady says she’s not sure why it didn’t ship and it will be going out today.

Goodbye to the junker

Filed under: Tools,Vendors

The weird little G0602 lathe all packed up and ready to go back to Papa Grizzly. Let me tell you, it’s hard to reassemble a crate when it barely qualifies to be called as such.

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