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Whole ‘lotta traffic goin’ on

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Wow, traffic to the site has really been heavy the last couple weeks. For the longest time, we had a steady average of around 275 visitors per day. Lately, it’s been well over 300 with spikes up near 600!

And we just surpassed 2011′s visitor count in less than nine months. And that’s including the fiasco with the domain name during the first quarter. Since straightening out that mess, we’ve consistently been clocking around 9000 visitors per month, which would have pushed us well over 100,000 for the year. Considering that there was a big surge in traffic last fall (Christmas buying season?) we may come darn close anyway.

The economy has hit my family very hard this year, so I’ve been forced to pay very little attention to the site. I’m very grateful that my previous efforts continue to draw attention. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web …

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