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Where’s my cut?

Filed under: Feedback

David writes:


I’ve spent about a week browsing the internet for an article that doesn’t spend all it’s time saying “if you don’t know how, you need to hire an electrician”. Your article was very well written, illustrated and covered EXACTLY what I needed to read. Not too much info, no badmouthing the do-it-yourselfer and very well written in a “matter of fact” style. Perfect.

Your explanation of home wiring circuits filled in the pinholes of information I wasn’t sure of and helped reinforce the things I thought I was sure of. Now armed with this information I have the confidence to run a 120V 30A RV receptacle myself without paying the electrician’s $490 quote. I anticipate saving around $300 on this project.

You’re very welcome. But don’t you think I deserve a little cut of the money I saved you? :)

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