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Dust collector wiring

Douglas writes …

I am in the market for the G0441. The issue I am having is the new Grizzly documentation says the following

     Amps running: 22.4A
     Min Circuit breaker: 40Amps

As you have one what size circuit are you running it on? Does it trip the breaker? Also, it appears from the manual (old and new) that the electrical cord from the unit is 12 AWG and it’s to be hard wired. Am I reading that correctly? I won’t get into the NEC issue of hard wiring a 12AWG wire to a 40 AMP breaker line…… and yes I pointed this out to Grizzly but was only told they would push this question to their engineer …

It lives on a 30A breaker feeding a 10/2 line.

I’ve had my G0441 for over 4 years now. It’s run quite a bit, sometimes hours on end, and has never tripped the breaker. I was curious what the documentation that shipped with my G0441 said about electrical supply, but I can’t find it. Which is weird, because I always keep all the docs on tools in my filing cabinet. I have no idea what happened to it, but I’m sure that if it called for a 40A breaker I would have installed it with appropriate wire.

Perhaps the newer models have motors that generate a stronger startup surge that would temporarily push them over 30 amps. Not enough to require a heavier gauge of wire but would trip a 30 amp breaker. That’s my only guess why you’d want a 40 amp breaker for a 23 amp load. But in that case, I don’t see how you can justify not going with a wire capable of handling 40 amps, because if you have an issue and overload the wire (lets say 38 amps) you’ll have a bad situation where the breaker isn’t protecting the wire as it should.

Bottom line, if Grizzly can’t explain what’s the deal with the load vs breaker vs motor wire, I’d pass. I’ve gotten very turned off on Grizzly the last couple years, I wouldn’t even consider them for any new equipment purchases.

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