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Posted: Jan 20, 2012

Review: Alert Stamping Cord Reels

Excellent, yet inexpensive cord reels

10-amp and 13-amp 30-foot models available from Amazon. Also available in a 50-foot model (amp rating unknown).

Stringing extension cords across the shop is something I hate. I love having cord reels so I can pull out some cord when I need it, yet easily get it out of the way when I'm done without the hassle of winding it up into a loop.

I actually have two different versions of this reel in the shop. One is a 10-amp model that hangs on the wall, the others are these 13-amp models that I have mounted on the ceiling of the shop and the garage. Either model can be wall- or ceiling-mounted. The only difference is the color and amp capacity.

Both models have 30-foot cords with a triple-tap (three outlets) on the end. They also feature a built-in circuit breaker, which is nice since they're plugged into 20-amp outlets. I know I can't accidently overload the cord's lower capacity.

All of these reels have had quite a bit of use in the last 2-3 years I've had them and they work flawlessly. Never any issues with them locking or releasing. It's also very easy to get the cord to wind up evenly across the reel, although it's not really necessary. One thing I really appreciate is that Alert Stamping has made these reels with plenty of room inside. Other reels will barely hold the cord even if you get it wound perfectly even, if you get it the least bit crossed the cord will bind and prevent full retraction. These reels have plenty of room, to the point where you really have to work at it to get it so bad they bind.

Highly recommended.

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