"We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us"

36mm › 27mm adapter for Festool hoses Published Feb 13, 2012

The adapter Festool just doesn't make

An easy way to set your jointer fence to square Published Dec 20, 2011

A welding tool comes to the rescue

An easy way to cut really large wires Published Dec 15, 2011

Not a wire cutter, but it works like a charm

Use a tap & die set as thread cleaners Published Dec 15, 2011

An inexpensive set can be a life-saver

Removing the Triton "safety" cover Published Dec 7, 2011

How you can get rid of this major irritant

Get your Festool power cord under control Published Oct 18, 2011

Simple, but effective

Super paint mixer Published Sep 30, 2011

A drill press makes a great and easy-to-use paint mixer

Small parts storage Published May 4, 2011

Keeping small parts stored, organized and (most imporant) accessable

Alternative clamps for the MFT/3 Published Mar 2, 2011

Not as nice, but great in a pinch

Get a labelmaker Published Feb 4, 2011

Probably the best $20 I ever spent

Label your grinding wheels Published Feb 3, 2011

Personally, I can never remember ...

Liquid Eraser Published Jan 26, 2011

Use DNA to remove pencil lines

The 10-pack Published Jan 25, 2011

A simple technique to keep your shop organized..

Drum Sander Alignment the Easy Way Updated: Dec 7, 2009

Getting your sander straight without the tears and cursing

Removing Cosmoline Updated: Aug 29, 2010

Dealing with The Protective Coating From Hell


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