'tis better to have tools you don't need than to need tools you don't have

The 10-pack

A simple technique to keep your shop organized

Published Feb 25, 2011

Nothing complex or mystical here, just a trick that helps me keep my shop organized.

Every time I go to work in the shop, the first thing I do a quick "ten-pack". The idea is to put away, straighten, organize, or clean ten things. I just walk through the shop and find ten things that aren't right. Put up a tool, there's one. Throw away those cutoffs, that's two. Straighten up the drill bit area, that's three. Etc, etc ...

This usually takes less than five minutes, but makes a huge difference in preventing the shop from decaying into complete chaos. Most days, I can find ten tools lying around from yesterday.

Why do I call it the ten-pack? I have no idea.

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