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Alternative clamps for the MFT/3

Not as nice, but great in a pinch

Published Mar 2, 2011

Recently, I was doing a glueup on the MFT/3 and realized that I really needed two extra clamps. The Festool Quick-Clamps are terrific, but pricey so I don't have a bunch around.

Looking around the shop, I spied some normal bar clamps. My first thought was to shift the parts so that I could use the bar clamps on the edge. But then I remembered that the fixed heads can be moved to the other end so the clamp can be used as a spreader. Luckily, the bar is small enough that it will slip through the holes in the MFT/3's top.

So I just removed the fixed head, slid the bar through the hole, and reattached the head. VoilĂ ! I had more than enough clamps.

Using the bar clamps isn't nearly as convenient as the Festool clamps, but they certainly saved the day in a pinch.

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