"A bad worker quarrels with his tools"

Published Feb 13, 2012

36mm › 27mm adapter for Festool hoses

The adapter Festool just doesn't make

Extra hose end available from Amazon.com

One of the most frustrating things about Festool dust extraction is the fact that there are two different size hoses. The 27mm hose is commonly used for smaller tools like sanders, while the larger 37mm hose is best for tools that produce larger amounts of debris like the plunge saws.

While the end connector on the smaller 27mm hose fits both size tools (inside 36mm ports, onto 27mm ports) the fact is that with the larger tools the 37mm hose gives you better air flow and is also quieter. It would also be nice to just leave the 37mm hose on the dust extractor and just use the 27mm adapter when you need to attach a tool with the smaller dust port. Swapping hoses is a real pain, especially if you're using Festool's wonderful boom arm.

The problem with this scenario? Festool doesn't make such an adapter. Why not? I have no idea. But, while puzzling out how to build an adapter, I got a Bright Idea™

I noticed that the 27mm hose end will fit tightly into the end of the 37mm hose end. I got an extra 27mm hose end from Amazon and cut off a short section of my 27mm hose (including the end adapter), then attached the new hose end. Voilá! Now 37mm hose just stays my CT26/boom and I use my little adapter when I need to.

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